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Internal Package Tracking System

Transform the way your organization tracks packages with a completely automated system.

Inbound Mail Package Tracking Software Built for Businesses

We’ve designed our internal package management software to streamline all of the manual processes of your organization. Delivery management can be a monumental task. Businesses are receiving more packages than ever before. Our fully customizable cloud-based solution can be adapted to your current system. Our package tracker will minimize expenses and skyrocket productivity with features your employees will love.

The RTDIQ app manages the entire chain of custody – from the moment you send until final delivery.

Package tracking screenshot of rtdiQ carrier recommendation.

Lightning Fast Locating

Any employee with access can locate a scanned item on their smart device. Utilize a search feature and narrow down results by time frame. Results are output instantly.

Precision Delivery

Manual systems are prone to human error. The entire system is automated with RTDIQ. Recipients get text and email notifications while delivery can be alerted with custom messages. Know when a package is arriving and where it is.

Better Accountabiliy

With every stage en route tracked, employees can be held accountable for losses. Features like digital signatures and photo attachments through the app ensure proof of delivery. Generate custom reports of lost packages and make adjustments.

Customizable System

If there is a certain way you run logistics, our app can be customized to fit that workflow. Take your favorite current processes to the next level. We also offer integrations with 3rd party software.

Why use rtdiQ?

Workflow features that will transform your business.

Find your packages in real-time by entering in either the barcode ID, carrier, tags, location or any custom field.

Our tracking software works with any barcode and recognizes carriers. If you don’t have a barcode, the system can generate one for you.

You can customize RTDIQ to your workflow. Use up to 10 custom fields to add locations, descriptions, or any other field that works with current processes.

Scan items and assign them as a group under one barcode. This is can be a huge time saver and help with organizing larger deliveries.

Get detailed reports of your chain of custody logs. Find how you can run your operation more efficiently.

Notify recipients of status updates of packages. Works with email and/or texts. Integrate with an RTDIQ email or route through work emails.

Data encrypted and stored securely on cloud servers. We also offer on-premise solutions for internal networks.

Is a package delivery time-sensitive or very expensive? Notify important information to employees with a pop-up they won’t miss.

Attach an image from your phone or upload a PDF and more. Document any damages or prove a package was delivered.

Our software has complete translation for Spanish. You can also assign different roles; limiting access to certain parts of the software.

Our management system seamlessly integrates with package rooms or parcel locker systems.

Get started with a dedicated on-board guru who will optimize the software to your workflow. Get continual phone, email, and remote support.

Want to learn more about any of these features? Schedule a demo and we'll show you how these features and more can improve your internal package tracking.

How it works

Managing packages and assets has never been this easy.

Package scanning with cloud-based app.


Receive and Verify any incoming package with a simple scan, no more logging in tracking numbers.

Locating a package with ipad using tracking app.


Find a package within seconds and get notified of every touchpoint in the package’s chain of custody.

Digital signature for delivery


Get faster, more accountable delivery. Track everything with digital signatures and photos for your records.

How can rtdiQ help your business?

Adding package sticker for mailroom mangement software.

Mail rooms and
receiving Tracking

Streamline your mailroom by automating all of the manual processes. Our mailroom management system will save you time, money, and improve accountability.

Asset tracking software locating items in warehouse.


Find your assets in real-time for all of your locations – all under one asset management system. You’ll love our reporting and simplified search.

Industires that love our package tracking software

There are so many possibilites on how rtdiQ can streamline your business. If something need tracking, we can help.

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