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rtdiQ provides package tracking solutions for businesses large and small. Our app was created from years of experience and dedication to our customers.

We have been helping customers track packages since 1994. Starting in Las Vegas NV, we provided mail and shipping solutions to the hospitality industry. Over the years, we learned that our solutions needed to evolve.

Package tracking has gotten much more complicated recently. Today more than ever, the need for real time information is a must to stay competitive. That is why we developed rtdiQ.

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rtdiQ Prides Itself in Being

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Simple and Powerful

It can be difficult to balance simple and powerful. Some apps bring a ton of unneeded features. Our app provides everything you need for package tracking without any bloat. You'll love our clean user interface.

Accessible to Anyone

Whether you are a mom and pop shop or a Fortune 500 company, rtdiQ will streamline the way you track items. Our app is cost effective, so anyone can enjoy our ultimate all-in-one tracking solution.


Everyone runs their mailroom or asset tracking differently. Our cloud based app will adapt to your current workflow. Ask one of our onboard gurus about software integrations and further customization.

The needs of businesses have evolved and we've listened.

We interviewed our customers and asked them to share their pains and bottle necks. Different industries like education or hospitality have their own unique problems. The power and customization of our app can solve these specific challenges. We credit our success to working closely with customers.

Our experience has enabled us to design the ultimate tracking app for any sized business.

Employees using Inbound Mail Package Tracking Software.
Package tracking screenshot of rtdiQ carrier recommendation.

Why we developed rtdiQ?

Our goal was to create a tracking engine that is intuitive and easy to customize. We provide a better way to track packages, documents, assets, returns, product inventory, parts, supplies or even people. We don’t just want to tell you about it, we want you to experience it.

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