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Pinpoint your assets in seconds – all from one centralized place.

Asset Tracking Software that is Simple and Powerful.

Poor asset management can cost you time and money. Manual systems are subject to error and it’s difficult to stay organized. Some tracking software is not user friendly with unwanted features. Get the management system that allows you to find your assets in real time for all of your locations. At rtdiQ, we’ve developed tracking software that will take the stress out of asset tracking. Streamline and automate everything for your business with our simple app.

2 Emplyoees tracking a package with our Asset Mangement System.

Streamline your workflow and skyrocket productivity with the powerful features your employees will love.

Key Features of rtdiQ Asset Mangement

Packages in warehouse with barcode for scanning.

Customizable fields

We offer up to 10 customizable fields which you can assign to different assets or locations. Every business has different needs. Integrate and expand your current system to work with rtdiQ. Talk to an expert during your demo about possibilities and use cases.

Bilingual asset tracking software

Multi-Lingual and Multi-User

Our app can be customized for your worker’s language preference. We offer complete translation for English and Spanish. You can assign different user privileges for different job positions. Customize our software for your workforce.

Locating a package with ipad using tracking app.

Google like search

Find what you want in matter of seconds. All you need is an internet connection. Barcodes, tags, carriers, locations, and customizable fields can be searched. Any asset information ever logged in the system is a quick search away.

Asset tracking solution customization at computer.

Custom Integration

Our robust system can handle nearly all business requirements. We will work with you to make our app integrate with your workflow. Our developers will try to make the modifications that you need.

Alerts can be added to assets with important messages for your employees. These are visible immediately. Some items might be fragile, need refrigeration, increased security, or require quick delivery. Without these notices you could potentially lose money or risk people’s health.

rtdiQ can scan any barcode but many assets don’t come with one. Simply auto generate a barcode, print, and stick it to an item. You can optionally also assign a barcode to a location, shelf, drawer…any destination. The asset and the location will be linked in the system.

With our app you can use your phone and assign a photo to the asset. This helps future users to visualize the asset when they track it down. A photo record will improve accountability for damages. Other files like a PDF of purchase orders can be used as an attachment.

You can scan multiple items and assign them to just one barcode during receiving and delivery. This is a more organized workflow in certain use cases and can improve human error.

Asset Management System Benefits

Happy employee in warehouse.

Increase Productivity

Manage your business’ assets more efficiently. Free your employees to do other important tasks while our software does all of the heavy lifting.

Save Money

Manage your business’ assets more efficiently. Free your employees to do other important tasks while our software does all of the heavy lifting.

Improve Accountability

Get insight into how your business is performing with detailed custom reporting tools. Improve regulatory compliance for auditing and minimize waste.

How rtdiQ Asset Management Software Works

Scanning a package.


Receive an asset and input it’s details into our system.

Locating a package with ipad using tracking app.


Know where all your assets are with a simple search.

Man finding a tracked item on a shelf.


Go to where the asset is for pickup.

We Can Help Manage Your Industry's Assets

rtdiQ asset management is perfect for the hospitality industry. Locate everything in your supply chain in one system. Track everything from important files to visitor packages.

We provided multiple layers of security for government asset tracking. Track packages, visitors, files, applications, contracts, records, cases, evidence and much more.

Get mailroom and asset management for your college or university – all in one system. Track everything from equipment, supplies, student files, and more.

Track medical equipment and supplies and find important items fast. Assign locations for storage or patient rooms where equipment is. Great for medication and patient files.

There are so many possibilites on how rtdiQ can streamline your business. If something needs tracking, we can help.

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