Mailroom Management System

Streamline your mailroom by automating all of the manual processes from a simple app.

Mailroom Management Software that’s smart and efficient

Operating a traditional manual mailroom system is getting more and more difficult. Companies are receiving more packages and critical mail than ever. Logging in package detail information can take forever and be prone to human error. Routing and tracking can be tedious and expensive. Leave these problems behind and get rtdiQ. It’s an all-in-one mailroom management solution that can be customized for your business.

Our mailroom software will streamline your workflow from verifying carrier quantities, to sorting, staging, routing, notifying, tracking, delivering and reporting. rtdiQ keeps a complete digital record of the package custody chain lifecycle. Have everything tracked from the moment a package arrives until it is digitally signed at the final destination. 

Mailroom package receiving.

Our mailroom management software will save you time, money, and improve accountability. Free up your employees to focus on what matters most – your customers.

A Mailroom Management Solution that’s customized to your workflow

Not every mailroom or receiving dock is the same. There are many variables in how you track parcels, mail, assets, files, etc. With our mailroom tracking software, you can customize the app to fit your businesses workflow or process.

Custom Fields

We offer 10 custom fields that can be assigned to every scanned piece of mail. Whatever manual system you are using now can be integrated into rtdiQ. Setup can be done in minutes.


You can assign custom alerts to packages. Items delivered to the next destination may need an important message.

How Our Mailroom Management System Works

Verifying multiple packages withour mailroom management system.


Verify the number of packages you are receiving from multiple carriers. This will ensure that you are accepting the right number of packages.

Package scanning with cloud-based app.


rtdiQ helps you document problems with any package. Add pictures and notes to the package record.


You can deliver any package and collect signatures or take pictures for reporting and archiving.

Key Features of our Mailroom Management Software

Packages in warehouse with barcode for scanning.

Create storage locations and routes​

With our internal mailroom software, you can specify locations and add them as package destinations. On the route recipients will get notifications. This feature is great for integrating current workflows.

Bilingual asset tracking software

Bilingual for Spanish speaking employees

We also provide a bilingual version of rtdiQ. Now your employees can work more efficiently with the app translated in their own language.

Search for packages on computer app.

Google like search

Looking for the location of a package has never been easier. Our mailroom and receiving software has a powerful search-engine. You can search any field to attain any information about any package in real time.

Email notifications for tracking software.

Text / Email Notifications for recipients

Email and text notifications are sent out to intended recipients. Employees are notified of all steps of the delivery.

Point your device or barcode scanner and the software will quickly input your package. All major carriers are supported.

You can generate a custom barcode for your printer in the app. This will be assigned instantly and searchable when tracking.

Our app works with your smart device’s camera. Take a photo and assign it to a package in the system. This improves accountability when receiving and delivering.

If multiple packages are received, they can all be grouped into one package. This saves time and is more organized for all parties.

How our software will improve your mailroom

More Accountable

Our mailroom management system will ensure that everything is digitally logged. Photographing packages when received and delivered will hold the proper employees accountable.

More Streamlined

An automated management system will free you from manual logs, and fully automate your mailroom into a smarter workflow. Free up your labor to do other tasks. Our system fully automates the tracking, scanning, and delivery.

Better Delivery

A digital mailroom management system will stop human error. With rtdiQ, never miss or lose a package again. Improve the speed at which packages are delivered.

It’s time to upgrade your mailroom management to rtdiQ. ​Find out more about how we can help you with your business with our innovative mailroom management software. Schedule a Free Demo!

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