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When you’re running a college or university, there are all sorts of logistical challenges that can drain your time and resources. In particular, mailrooms for universities can be highly troublesome. That’s why you should implement time-saving college mailroom software and free your team from the tyranny of paper slips and documentation.

rtdiQ is a program with a rich variety of customization options that can automate and streamline your mailroom workflows. When you try rtdiQ for yourself, you’ll enjoy smart scheduling, accountability tracking, and other intelligent solutions that will make your mailroom run better than ever.

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rtdiQ Tracking Benefits for Education

Smart Scheduling

It takes time to deliver packages, and rtdiQ takes this into account. It can schedule deliveries and notifications in a staggered, delayed model that avoids making your students wait longer than necessary for their packages. This can improve satisfaction, reduce unneeded and time-consuming messages, and generally improve the flow of delivery.

Smart Lockers

rtdiQ makes it easy to deliver to automated parcel locker systems or package rooms. Assign a package to a locker and notify the student their pickup is ready. This is a more efficient worflow that frees-up the mailroom.

Package Tracking Reporting

Every mailroom occasionally loses packages. rtdiQ makes that a thing of the past by recording every package hand-off along the way to the destination. Thanks to this rigorous package tracking feature, you’ll be able to pinpoint the area and time where a package went missing. All logs can be generated for a detailed report.

Email and Text Notifications

You can set it to use your .edu email extensions for management purposes, which avoids the need for extra emails. Additionally, it can automate the process of sending texts and emails to students who’ve received a package.

Priority Alerts

When you use rtdiQ for mailroom management, you can use an internal alert system for the mailroom to keep everyone on the same page. Examples include: a high-value package that should remain in the mailroom until the student picks it up. Or a package that you ought to deliver as soon as possible.

Custom Fields

Built-in custom fields provides flexibility to work with your current system. This has many purposes such as denoting that a package is heavy, fragile, or needs to be refrigerated. You can also use it to assign packages to different storage locations.

Convenient Search Function

If you need to gain access to one of your packages, the process is simple. Use a keyword search of anything associated with the item like the barcode, carrier, tag, or any of the 10 customizable fields.

Unique Solutions for University Mailrooms

Internal mailroom software for colleges needs to be suited to the unique needs of higher education institutions.

If your existing mailing system notifies recipients as soon as you start sending mail out, you’re likely to start drowning under “Where’s my package?” messages. And if someone’s package gets lost, then the situation can get ugly. Problem solved with rtdiQ’s text/email notifications, smart scheduling, and smart locker integration.


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