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In light of the COVID pandemic, governments have experienced significant growth with regard to their responsibilities toward the public:

You need a the digital solution of rtdiQ to streamline everything at your agency. If you want to save money and make the most of your resources, then the rtdiQ package tracking scanner app is vital. Improve accountability and transparency. When it comes to security our app stands apart from the rest.

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Stop doing time-consuming paperwork that eats away at financial resources and man-hours. Schedule a demo and learn how we can streamline your agency.

Our Mail and Asset Tracking is Perfect for Governments

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Streamline Accountability and Package Tracking

Accountability is paramount in any government agency. Every time that the package changes hands, the software logs the event and updates the status of the item. If anything goes missing, you’ll be able to immediately identify the touch point where things went wrong.

Users can photograph and digitally sign for items. Notify your team members of the status of what you’re tracking. This can be done immediately or delayed on a schedule.

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Track down government assets in realtime

The rtdiQ package tracking scanner app isn’t just good for packages. The software is very flexible and can track virtually any asset that is important for your business.

A few examples include: packages, visitors, files, applications, contracts, records, cases, evidence and much more!

With its easy customizable fields, agencies can customize the usage of rtdiQ to improve multiple workflows.

More Benefits for Government Organizations

Detailed Reports

rtdiQ can create any customizable workflow report for better management of processes and for any regulatory documentation. Every place a package moves is tracked in our system. Detailed reports of logs can be generated with ease.

Email Security

The greatest tracking software in the world is useless to a government agency if it can’t work within their secure, internal email networks. One of the key features of the rtdiQ scanner app is that it can be routed through your .gov email servers.

Customizable Fields

Government agencies deal with all sorts of sensitive, important information. With respect to this, rtdiQ makes sure that your mailroom staff can manage items and procedures properly by providing you with fields to leave custom information. This accommodates rush delivery, bulky or heavy packages, or any other considerations.

Specialized Delivery Routes

Government agencies often operate on campuses with multiple buildings. This can prove an obstacle when it comes to sending packages, documents, and mail. However, you can use the custom fields feature to provide special location information on routes and destinations that other tools wouldn’t support.

Generate Custom Barcodes

rtdiQ works great with every popular carrier and instantly recognizes barcodes. But government agencies often receive internal or public documents that lack barcodes. With our software you can generate and assign new barcodes for any item. Anything your organization needs to track can be handled by our system.

Bilingual Support and Multi-User

Government mailroom operations often involve people who speak Spanish as their first language. rtdiQ supports an entire Spanish translation of the app. Employees can also be assigned specific roles, limiting access to certain parts of the system. A great security feature.

Convenient Search Function

If you need to gain access to one of your packages, the process is simple. Use a keyword search of anything associated with the item like the barcode, carrier, tag, or any of the 10 customizable fields.

Smart Lockers

rtdiQ works with storage lockers like Amazon and automatically assigns new packages to those lockers. Then the app can send out an email or text telling the recipient precisely where to pick up their package.

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