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Keep track of important equipment and medical assets.

Powerful Package Tracking for Hospitals

In the healthcare industry, you have a complex mixture of asset-tracking needs. There are many packages that require internal movement day by day, such as medical equipment and tools. Besides that, you also need to handle the medication for your patients and deliver it to them efficiently. rtdiQ will streamline your healthcare asset tracking from a simple app your employees will love.

Our solution is simple. Generate a barcode and assign it to something you want to track like medical equipment. And optionally generate a barcode for the location. Track items in seconds!

By implementing our healthcare asset tracking app, you’ll be able to track everything important and enforce accountability.

Barcode Tracking for the Medical Industry​

Medical Equipment

Find all your medical equipment fast. With rtdiQ, you can generate barcodes for items you want to track and then assign a barcode to any patient room, storage location, or nursing station. Now you can know where everything is at all times.

Track Supplies and
Medication Samples

Supplies and Medication samples are easier to track with rtdiQ. Easily scan in items into the appropriate storage location. Check out items by collecting signatures or pictures when someone needs an item from the storage location.

Barcodes for Medical Files

Medical files are easy to find. All you have to do is generate a generic barcode from rtdiQ for that medical file. Attach to the item and optionally assign a unique barcode for a room, shelf or drawer.

Benefits of rtdiQ Package Asset Tracking in Healthcare

Comprehensive Healthcare Asset Tracking

Healthcare industries deal with extremely important, high-priority packages – medications, controlled substances, vital documentation, and more. Keeping track of where things are is much easier with rtdiQ. The software tracks each package hand-off automatically, which allows you to identify the point where any package went missing.

Assign Barcodes to Packages

Barcodes are the basis of the tracking system that our app uses. This is convenient when you receive packages from mail carriers, which already use barcodes. However, healthcare sector businesses need to sort many packages and assets that don’t use barcodes. This is no problem, because our app provides instant barcode generation that will allow you to track all components of your logistics network.

Smart Storage

You can even assign barcodes to all sorts of storage spaces. This makes it easy to identify the locations where you’re holding each of your assets, but that’s not all. By assigning barcodes to small, single-use storage locations such as lockers, you can easily connect employees and patients to the packages they need to capture.

Track Files, Documents, Other Assets

Put a barcode on anything; not just packages, but also on files and documents. Our package tracking app even gives you the capability to track unusual items such as drug samples or individual belongings.

Powerful Customizable Fields

Customizable fields give you the ability to provide all sorts of additional information on your packages. For instance, you might describe some packages as heavy, bulky, urgent delivery, or otherwise special. Likewise, you can use these fields to provide effective directions and guidance on delivery locations and routes.

Streamlined Checkout

Use digital signatures as a convenient way to prove an item was received. This works with any any smart device that has the app installed. Write your electronic signature with a stylus or use your finger on a tablet for verification purposes.

Find Anything in Moments

You can instantly track packages by using a powerful, search engine. Search by tags, descriptions, carrier, IDs, or storage locations. Find healthcare assets in real time.

Automatic Alerts by Text and Email

Our app automatically integrates alerts and communications with text and email. Furthermore, you can integrate with your secure business email because patient information must remain private. Customize automatic alerts to patients and employees using email templates.

Bilingual Support

Many hospital staff speak Spanish as a first language. Complex terms can sometimes cause confusion when they’re only available in one language. We’ve implemented bilingual support with both languages in the rtdiQ app.

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