Tracking Solutions for Hospitality

Advanced package tracking in real-time for all entry points. Create the best customer experience.

Package Tracking Scanner App built for the Hospitality Industry

One of the most troublesome departments of high-scale hotels, casinos, and other prestigious institutions is the mailroom. You need a highly organized and easy to use package tracking system. Start improving how your organization handles packages. At rtdiQ, we’ve developed a simple yet sophisticated package tracking app with features your employees and guests will love.

Manage mailroom, business center, convention center, concierge, receiving dock, lost & found and bell desk – ALL with one system.

Package tracking solutions for hotels, casinos, convention centers.

We understand the workflows and processes that are critical for your business. We have developed rtdiQ to help you manage and streamline package management.

Hotels and Casino Tracking Problems SOLVED

Front desk of hotel

Manage Your Lost and Found

The average resort in Las Vegas receives over 200 calls for their lost and found section each day. Our scanner app makes it easy for you to document and locate all of the items that end up here. Search and find in seconds and notify guests with text or email.

Scan From Every Entry Point

With rtdiQ's scanner app, you can generate automatic barcodes and add items into the system from all entry points. Add custom fields to assign locations, descriptions, and categories to packages.

Skyrocket Productivity

Our package scanner app allows you to cut down on the time and expense of paper documentation. A more productive workflow means visitors are receiving better customer service.

Benefits for Hotel & Casino Mailrooms and Receiving Departments

Scan a Barcode or Generate One

The variety of ways that hospitality businesses receive packages often do not include a traceable barcode. Generating a barcode is built into our app. Attach it to a package and start tracking in our system. It’s that easy.

Centralized Search Tracking

Once you scan a package with our app, you’ll be able to instantly access all data pertaining to it in real-time. You can find where the package is and what stage of the delivery process it’s currently in. Search by barcode ID, tags, or custom fields.

Alert Notifications

There are many instances where a hotel or casino would want a package to go out immediately. Or tell the next destination that the item requires refrigeration. Often convention centers receive packages that are time sensitive for a presentation. Staff can be alerted of important information for a package.

Automated Communication via Email or Text

Our scanner app has an automated communication system that will notify recipients for you. Send out these messages immediately or delay sending to avoid making people wait too long. Great for customer service!

Powerful Customizable Fields

Create your own information for a given package. Customize routes, add important notes, or include special information about a package for your staff. This enables seamless integration with your current system.

Special-Case Surcharges

Heavy, bulky, or urgent-delivery items can throw a wrench in your package management operations. Use the built-in surcharge feature and save money.

Detailed Reports

Hotels, casinos, and other businesses in the hospitality industry can take advantage of detailed reports. Keep your chain of custody running more efficiently with less waste. Great to account for lost packages.

Bilingual Support

People who speak English as a second language are highly common in the hospitality industry, both as guests and as employees. Our app includes bilingual support for English and Spanish.

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